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All Publishers are NOT built the same

We are built from the ground up with the Career focused author in mind. All of our processes, our partner selections, our network and our work culture are specially designed to benefit the author with success on their mind.


Trinity Hills Publishing

We do not accept every author and we require a high standard so we are Not a self publisher

We do not select mainly famous persons and we do pay out top royalties so we are not a traditional Publisher

What We Do

We don’t fit into a mold and that’s fine by us.

We connect with special authors who are passionate about the success of their careers and we simply make it happen… over and over again.


We receive hundreds of applications per year and have found that we reject an average of 63%.

We work exclusively with authors who are serious about establishing a successful career in this field and as such we seek manuscripts that are at least on par with industry standards. Although we would eventually edit the manuscript to perfection, we require a minimum standard and authors that are willing to allow us to make the changes that would give your book an increased probability of success.

In addition to our absolute instance on quality of content, we hold high the values of ethics and integrity in our publishing endeavours.

Some of our Titles

The titles represented on this list are all eligible Forbes sellers recognition


Book Of The Month

Each Month we select a title based on authors marketing efforts, sales and other criteria for our Book Of The Month. This title will benefit from additional exposure and the added attention usually results in additional sales.


What They Say

We work specifically to develop the careers of our authors and as a result of our work, the authors speak.

Author of the Month

Karyn Forbes

Karyn Forbes is a senior member of the Trinidad and Tobago Womens Football Team. Karyn is an accomplished speaker who have touched the lives of women worldwide with her inspirational message of empowerment. Her new book “Woman Of Substance” got out the gates with record breaking sales as her growing influence and flawless track record paved the way her book’s inevitable success.

Book by Karyn Forbes


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