The Caribbean’s Premier Book Publishing House

The Caribbean’s Premier Book Publishing House

5 Main Reasons why Great Writers Don’t become Published Authors

The THP 5 C’s of Publishing

1. Consult

The first step in becoming a member of our THP family is your Consultation. This introduces you the new author, to our Publishing house, our featured packages and allow you the author to ask questions while gathering the information you desire about the publication process and the Company.

2. Critique

Here is where we determine if we are compatible. Our experts will review your manuscript and determine according to the standards and vision of Trinity Hills Publishing if your content is the right fit for us.

3.  Contract

Let’s make it official! Here is where, based on the requirements of you the author as per chosen package, we sign on the dotted line! This is the agreement between Trinity Hills Publishing and you the new member of our family. The contract covers both parties legally and clearly outlines the obligations, requirements and entitlements of both parties. Created of course with the author’s benefit in mind.

4. Create

Let’s get busy, editing, formatting and designing, this is where the magic happens. You the author, bring us your treasured piece and we work towards creating a masterpiece to your liking. In the end, the paramount priority is the satisfaction of our authors.

5. Complete

Voila! You are now a proud, internationally published author, accessible worldwide at the highest possible standard. Your book is now complete and ready for readers across the globe.

From a school project to a published book. Trinity Hills Publishing gave me the opportunity to share something beautiful with the world and with it I accomplished something great. Something beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Trinity Hills Publishing!

Tanya Stevenson

THP has made my dream a reality with their unwavering support, encouragement and professionalism. Surely my first book will not be my last with THP. It is with humbleness of heart that I acknowledge the great work of Trinity Hills Publishers.

Nicolita Collins

THP is a company with great customer service at great prices. I would recommend THP for anyone who wants to get published. Though the process may seem long, the end product always surpasses expectations.

Sacha Roopnarine

Doesn’t matter where you are

We’ve Got you covered!