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Trinity Hills Publishing

Vision And Mission

We exist to turn great authors into successful career authors

Trinity Hills Publishing strives to be the global leader in the establishment of the author career as a sustainable and financially rewarding career field in the post covid era.


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This must-have author’s resource is given FREE of charge as our gift to authors with the passion and plan to become successful. The pages of this resource contains the nuts and bolts of publishing and no author should publish without first reading through its pages.

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We do not accept every author and we require a high standard so we are not a self publisher

We do not select mainly famous persons and we do pay out top royalties so we are not a traditional publisher

We don’t fit into a mold and that’s fine by us.

Trinity Hills Publishing is a recognised global brand and top player in the world of book publishing. Two years after our humble beginnings in Long Island, New York in 2011, we moved our operations to the Caribbean with a goal of becoming the most affordable publisher in our class. Although our years of being one of the most affordable book publishers in our class were fulfilling we observed the growing need for career authors.

Our complete revamping of the company’s processes to specifically serve the needs of the industry for career focused authors lead us to our return to the United States where we are able to better serve our global network of authors more efficiently and with greater focus on their success.

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"With books, the world is yours for the reading"