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Clifford Rawlins

Social Issues & Christianity

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A Theology of Carnival and Other Provocations

About The Author

The Reverend Clifford Reinhold Leandro Rawlins was ordained by the Presbytery of Guyana on behalf of the Church of Scotland in 1997, and served the latter as Associate Minister in Trinidad until 2005, and formerly as a Licentiate of the Church of Scotland from 1996-1997. He is currently the Minister of the Diego Martin United Church, the only fully ecumenical congregation in Trinidad and Tobago, founded in 1969 by the Methodist, Moravian, and Presbyterian Churches with assistance from the then Lutheran Church in America.

He holds a Diploma in Religious Studies (Cambridge UK) and a Licentiate in Theology (St. Andrew’s Theological College, Trinidad), and is also a past National Music Festival tenor solo winner.

He has taught Biblical and Systematic Theology with the Codrington College (Anglican Seminary, Barbados), Diploma in Theological Studies, Trinidad Campus since 2003, and is a founding and governing member of the Sehon Goodridge Theological Society. He also taught English as a Foreign Language for a number of years.

In 2007 he won the 2nd prize in the Georges Lombard International Essay Competition by the World Communion of Reformed Churches, on the theme:  Water, source of life: socio-economic, theological, and interreligious perspectives.

Dexter J
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"Hard hitting, ouch"
Man of God
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"The author goes deep into facts in taking apart many misconceptions that is traditionally held by churches around the issue of Carnival and cultural celebrations. Great read."