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Making a living as an author

Beginning authors can make a living by writing books. However, the process of
writing and selling books is not as easy as it may seem. There are many steps that
must be taken in order to make money from your work. Some things that an author
may need to do in order to make a living as an author include:

1) Selecting your niche
2) Building your brand
3) Develop a business plan
4) Develop your writing skills
5) Researching and developing new ideas for books
6) Editing and proofreading books
7) Book marketing
8) Book distribution
9) Creation of industry-standard covers
10) Book copywriting
11) Teaching self-help or business skills to people who read your book
12) Networking
13) Becoming recognized and respected as an author in the industry
…plus speaking, storytelling, understanding international, language, movie rights and
many more.

Alternatively, you could carefully select a publisher that is focused on and equipped
for author career development.

Undoubtedly, being an author can be a lot of fun, but it also comes with a lot of
responsibilities. You have to ensure that your work is available to as many people as
possible, promote your books and find new ways to market them and that your books
are worth reading. In this roundup, we’ll introduce you to the best ways to make a
living as an author—and get you started on the path to becoming one of your
region’s top authors.

How your passion for writing can become a livelihood

  1. Start with the basics
    In order to be a successful author, you must first have a passion for writing. This can
    come in the form of writing articles, novels, short stories or off-course, books.
    However, before you can start earning a living from your writing, you will need to
    have some basic skillset. In particular, you’ll need to be able to write well and create
    interesting and engaging content. You can also start by learning how to market
    yourself as an author. By doing this, you will be able to sell your work and generate
    income while enjoying the process of writing.
  2. Start out small
    If you want to make money as an author, it’s a good idea that you start small. While it
    may seem daunting at first, it’s important to focus on creating quality content and
    building relationships with potential customers. If you can do this correctly, your work
    will eventually pay off and you will become successful as an author.
  3. Get involved in the community
    While selling your work online is the most popular way for authors to make money,
    there are many other ways that you can get involved in the community of writers.
    You can attend Writer’s Conference Events or join a Local Writers Group so that you
    are always up-to-date on new trends and techniques within the “write” community.
    Additionally, there are many online resources available that can help guide new
    authors through their journey to becoming successful. Your involvement in local
    groups also helps to build your brand and awareness of who you are and what you

The business of book writing

2.1 The Basics
Book writing is a full-time job, and many people find it challenging and timeconsuming. However, there are a few things you can do to make money as an

2.1.1 Sell Sell Sell
The book industry may seem complicated to a new author but to simplify things, it’s
good to know that only one thing really determines the success or failure of your
book/ career; sales. Although there are other factors that contribute to an author’s
career, the main aspect of a career would always be book sales. Be it, eBay,
Amazon, local book stores, eBooks, audiobooks or video books, sales should always
be the main focus of any campaign.

2.1.2 Write books for other authors
Many people also find writing books for other authors to be an interesting and
profitable option. You can write novels or short stories for other authors, and the
resulting sales will help support your livelihood as an author. You’ll need to be very
creative in order to make these sales ventures successful, but they can be rewarding
if done correctly.

This particular segment of authorship is referred to as ghostwriting and is a much
sought-after skill. A ghost-writer must first be proficient in writing skills and must
understand how to separate their own opinions and styles from that of the person for
which they are writing. If you’re looking to make some serious money as an author,
it’s important to carefully research the business before starting out –your failure to do
this, may end in disappointment with the amount of money you manage to make!
This business has no geographic restrictions

How to Make a Living as an Author

Many careers are specific to certain geographic locations and may depend on the
economics, cultures etc. The career of writing has no such restrictions. The author’s
brand and the quality of the content are the two main factors upon which the success
of the author’s career stands. This fact makes this career particularly attractive to
authors from literally anywhere in the world.

Most mainstream booksellers and even a very large percentage of smaller ones
have transitioned to the hybrid model of book sales, making titles available both
online and in physical stores. This development over the past few years has opened
the industry to all authors globally, since a large percentage of book sales, even
traditionally, have been achieved via online book sales.
Select a career-focused publisher and start today


A career as an author can be a great way to express your creative side while making
a very lucrative income. There are many genre-specific publishers, so it’s important
to find one that fits your interests. In another article, we will focus on different types
of publishers because not all publishers are designed for career development. When
selecting a publisher, the author must understand the publisher’s specialty as not all
publishers would suit the needs of every author

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