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Karyn Solange Forbes


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Woman Of Substance

Upon reflection, the inspiration to write this book came from an ever present burning desire to share my story. Let’s be real, we all have a story but admittedly, it takes a great of courage to share certain stories.

Over the years my weaknesses, my strengths, my fears, my secrets, my challenges, my battles, my failures and my victories caused me to became fearless, unstoppable, bold and empowered. The pages of this book contains real life experiences that holds the potential to ignite the type of positive energy that will cause women of any culture, status or situation to awaken the focused fighter inside.

It doesn’t matter where you started, it’s where you finish.

After discovering the power to access and activate the power of God in my life, I can say without doubt now that a woman’s fear, failure and mental fatigue lives and strives in the ignorance of who she really is. Think about it! The only person that can hold you from your dreams for yourself is you. It’s a bit cliché but it’s true.

I am confident that my story will speak directly to the souls of women. It’s not beyond any woman to become a woman of substance but the first and most difficult step out of your comfort zone begins your journey to your new and purpose driven life.

About The Author

When I’m at the centre of attention on stages and in front of cameras across the world, people see the outcome or results of my process but what they don’t see is what it cost me to get there. I use to think that my situation was worse than anyone else’s until a reality check opened my eyes to the truth. After years of secrets, fake smiles, depression and thoughts of hopelessness, I discovered that I was not alone in this battle. All across the world, women experience sexual, cultural and mental battles that are unique to us and after years of study, observation and sitting under the watchful eyes of my mentors, I am both equipped and motivated by passion to teach women of all ages, cultures and circumstances the secrets to escaping the trap to emerge into a repurposed life as a woman of substance.
Maylee Attin- Johnson
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"KF is a self motivator, a go getter but most importantly a woman of god. Seeing her flourish is a testament of her positivity and quiet confidence."
Rhea Belgrave
Trinidad and Tobago senior women Defender
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"Karyn Forbes to me, is a woman of Passion. Nothing will be able to stop her from reaching her goals. She approaches everything with tremendous passion. Her Passion for life burns brighter than her fears."
Ray Mohammed
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"Karyn is the definition of humble and hard working. Her personality naturally lifts the spirits of those around her."
Victoria Swift
Trinidad and Tobago women senior player
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"Karyn is a child of the living God, who emulates the characteristics of Christ. Loving, kind, passionate, selfless, compassionate are just a few words which describe her."
Dr. Mark Daniel
CEO - Studio9 and Brand Strategist
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"IMPACTFUL", that's the word ill use to describe her. Her sincere concern for women coupled with her expertise makes Karyn Forbes the ultimate women's empowerment expert.