Social media is everything!

Don’t know where to go when your new book its already printed or digitally released?

Our team of experts in social marketing will handle the social media campaign for your new book. Focusing on taking your  books sales and online presence to another level. 

Community management and more! You name it, with our hassle free policy you just need to focus on the life you always dreamed of, communicating with thousands of readers across the globe. Let them know your name and make it count!

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Check out our plans!

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Directly to the Shelves!

Always dreamed of going to a bookstore and seeing your own book on the shelves?

Well, we can make it happen! Don’t be afraid to share your work. Our team is devoted to deliver your newly printed book to the main bookstore chains near you!

It’s time to make your dream come true!

Join us and follow your dream, its as easy as liking a cat post on Facebook! Don’t waste anymore time your dream are waiting for you!

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