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How to distribute your book in 2022

Book distribution for the new author

When we talk about the distribution stage of the book, we are actually talking about the last stage in the book’s publishing journey, and it is the one that allows the general public to be exposed to the new work.

On the topic of book distribution it is important to separate digital books from physical copies. The distribution of a digital book will be done in the online stores of the book chains (for example, on the e-brit website, indiebook and more).

When we talk about physical books, we are usually talking about the brick-and-mortar bookstores and books chains, and many first-time anticipate their books being on the shelves of the stores closest to their home, but is this always the best decision for every book?

Is it worth distributing your book to physical stores?

First, it is important for us to say that we allow our writers to choose what suits them best and stand by their side all the way.

However, many authors who are writing their first book see physical bookstores as a necessary and critical step, but this is not always the case.

It is important to know that in order to market a book to physical bookstores, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of copies of the title will often have to be printed, and even then, there is no guarantee that they will be sold.

The sad fact is, if a book does not sell enough copies in its first two weeks on the shelves of physical bookstores, all the books will be returned. The book sellers also require a guarantee prior to accepting your book, that in the event that sales of said title doesn’t meet their minimum requirement, the books could be returned at the expense of the publisher. This cost can easily run into the high thousands and is often redirected to the author by way of royalty withholding until these costs are recovered.

Even when the book succeeds in being sold in physical bookstores, the sales royalties that go to the author can amount to a few cents for each copy and this is something important to remember when choosing this path.

The store’s sellers’ fees, which can go to as high as 80% of the selling price, the distribution company’s fees, print costs etc will be deducted, and what is left at the end for the author can be insufficient to justify even writing the book, except off course, thousands of copies are sold on an ongoing basis.

Book publishing – distributing the book to stores

So.. how do you make it work?

The main mission of Trinity Hills Publishing is to help authors establish a solid and profitable author career.

When Dr. Mark Daniel, CEO and founder of the publishing house worked as an assistant in an established publishing house prior to the establishment of THP, he consistently saw book returns of boxes full of orphaned copies and realized that something had to change.

When it comes to who the industry refers to as “an unknown author”, the chance that his book will be selected from among all titles being submitted is zero or 0.001% at best. For this reason, THP has devised its own unique and tested solution to this major problem.

What are the alternatives for distributing the book?

As we mentioned earlier, there is an option of distributing digital copies in the online stores that have a wide audience and will allow the book to reach the relevant audience.

But it is also possible to distribute in the online stores an option to purchase a physical copy of the book that will be delivered directly to your home.

When talking about a physical copy sold in the online stores, this also has advantages, you don’t need to print hundreds of copies, the book is available for purchase at any time and can be marketed on social and traditional media networks and create demand and interest for it in the general public.

When should you start book distribution?

This is one of the most important questions in this regard, and first we will emphasize: any of our authors who wants to distribute his/her book, will be able to do so from day one – and with great pleasure.

Although we reserve the right to do for the title what is in its best interest, we do not prevent the author from disclosing his/desire to distribute. It is important for us, however, to present the reality to him and advise on what should be done, in our opinion, and in accordance with the experience we have gained over the years.

If so, we believe that a new author who is not yet known in the industry should utilize the available alternative distribution methods until the stage where sufficient momentum is built around his book or brand.

Our recommendation is to initially use POD and online distribution, with our help: we will take care of putting the book up for sale in a printed and/or digital edition in all online bookstores, so your book will be distributed through popular channels. It is also important to know that in these stores the commission the writers receive is usually higher than that of the physical book chains.

At the same time, we will consult and support in carrying out extensive marketing activities on social networks in order to help the book gain momentum, and only after it appears that there is economic feasibility to distribute the book to physical bookstores – we will recommend traditional book distribution.

After the glass ceiling is shattered and the book becomes more and more popular – this is the time when it is worthwhile to distribute the book to stores.

As mentioned, the stores place books in the foreground when there is a demand.

If your book reaches them when more and more people are looking for it, it will be placed there quickly.

Our Summary On Distribution

Trinity Hills Publishing has long standing relationships with several major global book distributors but we are very selective in choosing the best distribution for each book. In order to be successful as an author, there must be a strategy and book distribution must be a major player in the strategy. New titles by new authors should almost never be distributed through traditional distribution channels to brick and mortar sellers. The potential liability and risks at this early career stage are often too high to justify this decision.

We recommend and will assist in the building of the author’s brand and the books demand to your target audience and once established, we can begin strategically rolling out physical book store distribution that would align with the demand in each market.

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