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Go global with our global elite program, expertly crafted for aspiring authors that want to achieve the peak of their career and achieve global succes.


The starting steps

Submit your book

Once an account is opened, the author will submit an official book proposal.

This proposal document will be meticulously reviewed by several global agencies and can take an average of three months for this process to be completed.

You can Apply today by going to the link below and creating an account, in here you will get updates about the state of your proposal

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Get Accepted

Wait for Review

The rigorous approval criterion is likely to disqualify some submissions on the basis of several factors.

Once approved, the author will be considered in the ranks of top quality authors as this process complies with the strictest of international industry standards.

You can keep track of the process at any time directly from your profile, here you can also ask for any clarification and manage your current processes.



Almost There

Contract Signing

Once approved, a contract matching the decisions made after our consultation with the author is constructed and submitted to the author for signing.

This contract will contain terms, conditions, price etc and once signed and paid, the actual process begins.

You can check your contracts and sign them directly from our platform.

Acces the platform



Go Global

Once published our deluxe authors will enjoy the benefits of the world’s most acclaimed authors.

Among the benefits of being a THP deluxe author are international media appearances, premium membership in international speakers bureau, dedicated marketing, personal mentorship with multi-bestselling author trainer and much more.

Have any Questions?

Connect directly to one of our agents to resolve any questios about our apply process

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