Global Elite Is Here

Global Elite is THP’s exclusive program designed specifically for the top achiever with a global mindset. The difference between our original packages and GE is that one provides the tools while the other takes on the responsibility of doing the job. THP’s Global Elite isn’t just new to our company, it’s new to the world of book publishing.

After years of study, observation, meetings and negotiations Global Elite is finally here. Trinity Hills Publishing has shocked the book publishing world by taking the best of both traditional and hybrid publishing and has strategically created a product that is unmatched by any other book publishing company in the world. We know that’s a huge claim, but we say it boldly and proudly because our team of both in-house and imported industry icons has done the work required to justify our claim. If you believe that your manuscript is able to pass our rigorous approval process, we invite you to apply as we exist to turn great work into global …………


1. Application To apply to this program the author must submit both the manuscript and their book proposal. The manuscript doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect, but the general content, story line, direction and flow must be consistent with what is considered “A grade” material in the publishing industry. The book proposal must be done in accordance to industry standard and will be rejected if it does not meet the standard. (We can provide recommendations of editors that would be able to produce a document of acceptable standard should the author require one)

2. Review Unlike our original publishing offers, the author can expect a waiting period of between four to eight weeks for review of the manuscript and book proposal. Global Elite wants to ensure that your manuscript will be accepted by the international media and would have high potential to becoming a best seller prior to our acceptance.

3. Processing Time An author should cater for an average of one year to have his/her book go through the preparation process. After preparation, the author should allow for an extra four to six months or even a year for marketing and public relations preparation. Thus one should give between one and two years from the date of acceptance to actual release.

4. Cost Elite can cost anywhere between $25,000 – $35,000.

5. Benefits Global Elite is like no other book publishing in existence today. We are the only book publishing program that can guarantee worldwide results.

  • All of the benefits of our Premium Package
  • Guaranteed US Media Appearances.
  • Media Interview preparation.
  • One on one consultation with international best selling author
  • One on one consulting with international author career training specialist.
  • Celebrity Endorsement

Although we are proud to offer our authors the ability to be a part of something that have never been done before, this program isn’t for everyone. If the author is adamant about not being in the spotlight or has a negative feeling about fame, this program may not be the best fit. If the author is unwilling or unable to travel, this program may not be the best fit. If the author is unable or unwilling to make this one time investment into a whole new lifestyle, this program may not be the best fit. It should also be noted that although we would consider the acceptance of any manuscript that meets the rigorous standards, we do give preference to Caribbean authors based either inside or outside of the Caribbean or manuscripts that speaks about the Caribbean in some way.


BEFORE YOU APPLY You are about to Apply to Trinity Hills Publishing (Global Elite), the world’s only global guarantee program. Your application serves as your official indication of intent to become a published author by Trinity Hills Publishing Limited.

NOTE: We reserve the rights to accept, reject or accept with conditions any and all applications submitted to us. We do not engage in discrimination of any type and should your application be denied, the reason/s will be stated in our letter of refusal.