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If coming to any one of our offices either in Trinidad, the United Kingdom or in New York is not a viable option then that won’t be a problem because all of our services at THP are completely accessible online through our website, social media and coming soon will be our brand new Trinity Hills Publishing App!

Each book is different and there are a few factors that influence the processing time. However,  the entire process usually takes between two and four months from conception to completion.

We publish every genre of book that a person can write be it fantasy, romance, mystery/ suspense, thriller, poetry, biographies, children’s or even poetry. The only exception being pornography or pornographic material.

It is our company’s policy that ANY author who publishes with us retains 100% of their rights. This means that 100% of the book rights and 100% of the royalties belong to the author.

THP is proud to be affiliated with internationally acclaimed and accessible partners. These include Google, Kindle, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Baker and Taylor, the New York Times and the United States Library of Congress and others. So yes, the books that we publish are internationally accessible and distributed.
Actually in addition to actual publishing, we offer ghostwriting, editing, research assistance, proof reading, book marketing and transcription services as well.
We accept bank transfers, cash, certified checks or international money transfer.
Yes! We are delighted to offer secure, easy and solid financing options from our financial management partner Delta Financial.
We can be reached via telephone at 1868-657-2339, via Whatsapp 1(917) 724-8634, via email [email protected], Facebook @trinityhillspublishingltd or via the websites which are www.caribbeanbookpublisher.com and www.trinityhillspublishing.com

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