THP Deluxe

Become a published author has never been easier, explore our three simple steps to go from amateur to professional, as part of our THP Deluxe program and find the right package for you.


The starting steps

Submit your book

The first step to this process is to complete and submit our application form.

This form will give us all the necessary details we would need to make a clear decision on whether or not your manuscript or idea meets our requirements.

You can expect to spend between three days and two weeks to complete the review process.

To fill out the form first you will need to create an account, from there you will be able to fill out a form depending on the plan you want to enroll in.

Create an Account


Get Accepted

Wait for Review

After your manuscript or idea is reviewed, our review team will determine the strength of your work and it’s likeliness to be successful.

The approval process is the author’s first real step into the exciting world of professionally published authors.

You can keep track on this process from your account at any time



Almost There

Contract Signing

Once approved, a contract matching the decisions made after our consultation with the author is constructed and submitted to the author for signing.

This contract will contain terms, conditions, price etc and once signed and paid, the actual process begins.

The duration of publishing varies depending on the scope of the work to be done. Typically it would take between three and six months to go through each stage in accordance with industry best practices.

Have any Questions?

Connect directly to one of our agents to resolve any questios about our apply process

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