Although truly reputable book publishing companies are hard to find through the mountain of mediocre publishers around these days, it is still very possible to become quite successful with the support and partnership of the right publisher. There are a variety of advantages to becoming a career author:

  1. THE IMAGE: With a career as an author, your personal brand will definitely benefit as you would be seen as an authority in the field of your specialty. Becoming a career author can be a great way to build a name for yourself and develop a broad or focused following.
  2. THE MONEY: Not every author is a career author an author is a published writer while a career author is a published writer who focuses on his writing as a career. Opportunities as an author come in many forms including but not limited to book sales, speaking engagements andcourse creation from which entire lifestyles are maintained.
  3. THE SATISFACTION: The sense of accomplishment and added confidence that comes with being a successful author has been known to motivate and propel the author to greater things. Writing a book can be very demanding and being successful in it after the struggles to complete it can be quite a rewarding feeling.
  4. THE POWER: Your book literally positions you above others in your field that has not been published in that area of expertise. This is power and can be used to leverage positions of influence and advantage in many circles.
  5.  THE REACH:No matter where you are located in the world, your work will be available globally in thousands of bookstores and to millions of potential readers. Share your knowledge and expertise with a larger audience.
  6.  THE OPPORTUNITIES:Being a career Author will open doors for the author to meet and network with individuals and companies that might have otherwise been impossible.
  7.  THE RESPECT: Becoming a career author can bring recognition as an authority in the field and therefore present opportunities to lecture and teach at a high level.
  8. GIVING BACK: A career author has the opportunity to leverage the lessons learned from their experiences to enhance the lives of millions with their unique perspectives. Theycan be a voice of reason to help others in all areas of their lives.

We Do Not Approve All Applicants

The barrier to entry at Trinity Hills Publishing is the filter that allows us to separate the casual writers from those that are passionate about their work and motivated by success. We have every tool any author would need to build a successful career, all we need from the author is motivation, dedication and commitment. If you believe you have what it takes to become the next big author in your genre, then the submission of your manuscript is the next step on your journey to a rewarding author’s career.

Submission Guidelines

The submission process is quick and easy. You may begin by filling out the form on the right by following these guidelines. If submitting a manuscript, it must be submitted in editable word document format.

After submission, please allow four to six weeks for our assessment and admission team to review your manuscript and other details are taken from the application prior to making our decision.

In the United States, career authors make $78,368 per year on average. Authors on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $51,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $118,000.

What You Will Receive: (Everything You Need)

  • Paperback and e-book ($600. Value)
    If your book is workable in both formats, we will publish in both formats.
  • Industry Standard Editing ($1000. Value)
    List Item Descripti Our award-winning team of editors will polish your manuscript to perfection and will communicate any and all change recommendations to you prior to moving forward.on
  • Professional Website ($1200. Value)
    You will receive a professionally designed website complete with domain, hosting and maintenance for one full year. After the year, you will pay a minimal cost for hosting and maintenance
  • Comprehensive Business Plan ($2700. value)
    A leading management consultant will consult with you and build a full business plan for your author career business.
  • Personal Brand Audit ($1000. Value)
    You will receive a personal brand audit from our partners at Studio9 Brand
  • Full Marketing Plan ($650. Value)
    In addition to one-on-one consultation with a marketing strategist, you will receive a full-featured marketing plan for your new career
  • Press Release($1000. Value)
    A PR expert from our sister company will write a press release and distribute it to their network of leading media partners
  • Book Launch ($995. Value)
    We will work closely with you to give you the best chance at maximizing your profits and reach on the very first day of the life of your book
  • Bestseller Campaign ($2500. Value)
    Our bestseller campaign is a special marketing campaign specifically designed to take your book to the top of leading bestseller lists.

…Plus one-on-one information and strategy sessions with Dr. Daniel himself. (Priceless)

Other companies sell their book publishing package for between $9,000 and 14,000 on average. We have always undersold them at prices never going above $6,000. Although the overall value of this Special Career Business Package is $11,645, we are able to sell this package on a continuing basis for just $9,000 provided we have a consistent flow of new authors.

Our CEO has however approved the special price of $6,000 to the end of 2022.

For the first 20 authors to this opportunity we have a one-time, never to be repeated offer of just $3000. In addition, we are offering these first 20 authors a 12 month no- hassle payment plan.

“The Special Price of $6000 to the end of 2022 is open to all but to qualify for the “first 20” offer price of $3000., applicants must be either current residents of the Caribbean or originally from the Caribbean. This special offer price is specifically to assist Caribbean authors to achieve their goals of being successful authors during these difficult economic times”